Learn the value of creativity and originality

The versatility of copyright is often underappreciated and underexploited. Copyright protects original creative expressions called works. Owners of works have exclusive rights to control, exploit, and protect their works. Works are protectable once they are fixed in a tangible medium so that they can be visually or audibly communicated and perceived.   

In the US, a copyright registration can be a simple and effective way to protect your investment and creative vision. Copyright protection is a valuable business tool that we can help you optimize.

Contact Us with any questions and we can explain your options, costs, and provide a recommendation. 

We help clients protect:

    • 2D + 3D visual arts
    • Performing arts
    • Literary works
    • Digital content 
    • Videos + Films
    • Music + Sound recordings
    • Photographs 
    • Computer programs
    • Mask works
    • Works of applied art

We provide:

    • Copyright application filing and registration 
    • Expedited and special handling applications
    • Requests for reconsideration and appeals to refusals
    • Global copyright portfolio management and maintenance
    • Sending and responding to demand letters
    • Dispute advice and advocacy
    • Representation in US Copyright Claims Board Proceedings
    • Due diligence 
    • Work made for hire agreements and advice
    • Transfers and licenses agreement drafting and vetting 
    • Compulsory, mechanical, and sync license guidance
    • Collective management organization (CMO), performance rights organizations (PRO), and collection societies navigation
    • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) compliance and takedowns
    • Customs recordations, policing, and notices