Grow and protect the value of your brand

Your trademark is a gateway for business growth. A trademark allows consumers to identify who made the product or offers the service and what quality to expect. Trademarks include not only brand names and logos, but also shapes of products, colors, and designs of stores.

Whether you are choosing a new trademark or have a well known brand, we have the knowledge and skills to help with all your worldwide trademark needs.

Contact Us with any questions and we can explain your options, costs, and provide a recommendation. 

We help clients protect:

    • Trademarks 
    • Design/device marks 
    • Trade names
    • Service marks
    • Certification marks 
    • Collective marks 
    • Trade dress
    • 3D trademarks
    • Color marks
    • House marks
    • Families of marks
    • Product Configuration
    • Packaging
    • Non-conventional marks

We provide:

    • Trademark application filing and registration 
    • Office action responses, requests for reconsideration, and ex parte appeals to refusals
    • WIPO + Madrid Protocol based filings and registrations
    • Paris Convention priority filings
    • Trademark renewals and maintenance 
    • Petitions to the director
    • Choosing a trademark and where to file for protection
    • Risk analysis of using a trademark
    • Trademark clearance searches 
    • Opinion letters
    • Trademark proof of use, specimens, and filings
    • Statements, affidavits, and declarations of use
    • Global trademark portfolio management and maintenance
    • Trademark watch notice review and advice
    • Transfers and licenses agreement drafting and vetting
    • Representation in US trademark office opposition, cancellation, expungement, and reexamination proceedings
    • Sending and responding to demand letters
    • Dispute advice and advocacy
    • Brand management 
    • Due diligence  
    • Transfers and licenses
    • Online notice and takedowns
    • Customs recordations, policing, and notices