Do more with your unique ornamental designs

The innovative appearance of products can be protected through registration of a design patent in the US. Design patents give owners the right to stop others from using, making or selling the registered design for the life of the patent. Design patents protect ornamental designs of products not function of products like utility patents. Design patents are also less expensive than utility patents.

In the US, design patent applications can be filed before a design becomes public or within twelve months of the design becoming public. 

Worldwide many countries also offer protection of designs. Some countries however require design applications to be filed before a design has been made public or within six months of public availability.

We help clients assess the value and patentability of their designs and acquire registrations that increase business value.

Contact Us with any questions and we can explain your options, costs, and provide a recommendation. 

We help clients protect:

    • Design patents
    • Designs
    • Ornamental aspects of articles of manufacture
    • Product configurations
    • Product appearances
    • Product surfaces
    • Industrial designs
    • Icons
    • Typefaces
    • Component parts
    • Complex products

We provide:

    • Design patent application filing and registration 
    • Office action responses 
    • Continuation applications 
    • Reissue applications
    • Foreign priority claims
    • Hague Agreement filings
    • Patentability searches 
    • Freedom to operate opinions
    • Renewals and maintenance fees
    • Global design management and maintenance