Safeguard your ideas and inventions 

Utility patents protect inventions that are useful, novel, and nonobvious. Once granted, a patent owner can stop others from exploiting, making, or performing the invention during the term of the patent. This allows inventors time to benefit from their investment and exploit their invention before competitors can join the market. 

In most countries, utility patents need to be filed before the invention is publicly disclosed. In the US, it is also best to file before the invention becomes public. 

We assure that our clients understand the costs and benefits of utility patents, so they can make informed decisions on whether and when to file for protection of their inventions.

Contact Us with any questions and we can explain your options, costs, and provide a recommendation. 

We help clients protect:

    • Utility Patents
    • Mechanical devices and products
    • Product-by-process 
    • Methods
    • Processes

We provide:

    • Provisional utility patent applications
    • Non-provisional utility patent application filing and registration 
    • Office action responses 
    • Continuation applications 
    • Reissue applications
    • Foreign priority claims
    • Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications
    • Renewals and maintenance fees